Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel Sunflowers field at Jim Thompson Farm

Hello! Happ New Year 2011
It was very long long time I didn't write anything on my blogs because there were many things happened to me last two years. Now, everything is going well so I'm ready to write again.
Today, I'm pround to present Sunflowers field at Jim Thompson Farm. I'm sure that most people know what Jim Thompson Farm is. Well, actually Jim Thompson is a famous brand of Thai Silk Company and its farm at Pak Thong Chai district in Nakhon Ratchasima province is very interesting.
I had never knew until my elder sister told that she wanted to take us to see and to travel there on new year holiday in 2009. It was so wonderful knowing that Jim Thompson Farm is open for people to travel just only once a year! WOW!! It made us wanted to travel there much more ever so we decided to visit the farm on December 2009. When we reached the farm, I just couldn't believe that many people from towns thought like us. That is they thought they need to get out of town and travel in rural places. Therefore, Jim Thompson Farm is one of the perfect destination for a long holiday such as new year holiday.
As you see in the two pictures above. The views, the air, and every elements those compounded to be the farm nowadays are so wonderful! It made us were so happy to be there. So beautiful moment. There still be more contents which I want to share. I'll write again soon. Bye bye for now :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bot Kaew : Amazing The Glass Temple!

Hello! Today I am very proud to present one of the fantastic places in Phon Thong district. Now I'm talking about the glass temple in Wat Ban Nonsawan from the peaceful village at the north of Phon Thong called Ban Nonsawan.
As you can see in the pictures, all buildings in Wat Ban Nonsawan are decorated with many glass bottles. The main colors of the bottles using to decorate are green and brown.

The Naga steps to the temple is quite amazing! Look!!

This picture shows the shape of the bottles very clearly! See! There are green bottles and brown bottles. The artist cut the glasses in many shapes to create several forms such as flower, star or several geometric forms.
Both 2 pictures above and below this paragraph took from inside the glass temple. you would see there are many picture which created from glasses and colored mirrors just like the mosaic from the western culture.
When I came and took the photographs inside the glass temple they didn't turn on the lights, unfortunately. I didn't even know where the switch was as well. Look! If the lights were turned on we could see how beautiful inside of the temple was. What do you think of it? Here is outside of the building. In the picture above is Sala or Sala Kanprien. It usually serves as a meeting hall.

You would see a monk was repairing the Sala in the picture above.

The drum tower was also decoarated with green and brown glasses. Most Wat compounds contain a drum or a bell tower. The drum is hit or the bell is rung to summon resident monks to prayers.

The picture above was the arched entrance , the gate way to the glass temple.

I have known that Wat Ban Nonsawan or the glass temple has built since 1997. God! These pictures I took last year and still I saw a few monks were repairing the buildings. I am not sure that the temple was not finished built yet or it finished already and just old and need to be repaired normally.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hi there! Here I am.

Hello :) Welcome to Tour Isan blog. I intend to use this blog to show you how nice my hometown is, and here I am at the signboard or the guide post of Phon Thong, Roi Et.
In the picture above I would say please turn right if you want to visit Phon Thong, my hometown. ^_^
WOW! This was me! Oh I looked fat!?
I am glad to let you know that who I am and where I live. Next article I will take you tour around Phon Thong. It would be nice I promise. See you later. Bye for now.